Anti-Spam Rules

We want to offer our customers the best experience with our program, so we have strict rules about the abuse/misuse of our system of invitations. Violation of any of our rules can cause, therefore, the cancellation of your membership.

When you use our invitation service, you agree to only invite people with whom you have established a relationship, friends, relatives and acquaintances.

If you have the email of someone you do not known, and want to invite him, first you need to contact this person to ask him if you can send your invitation. Then send it only if the person agree.

Always keep direct communication with each of your guests.

We penalize activities such as: send group messages, send promotions making promises like "how to be a millionaire working only 5 minutes a day", promote our program in automatic redirection sites, promotion thru opening pop-ups, in places of dubious reputation, sites related to pornography, on pages that promote violence, on piracy websites, on websites that condemn the moral and web pages with content unconscionable.

Thank You So Much!

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