Do It Right

An important tip for a good start is to review all available information on our website about how our program works, as well as studying our Compensation Plan. This way you can act and communicate with conviction and confidence.
When you want to tell someone about this program, we recommend that you preferably do it in person. It can also be through a phone call, or connected in real time through a chat. In other words, direct communication.
If you talk with someone you already know, ask first for his family, his work, how he's doing, and listen carefully to what he says, since most of the time people give you the right moment to start talking about the program. Perhaps the person tell you that is not doing well at work, or tells you that the economy is bad .
If instead you going to speak to a person you do not know, then you need to first create a good relationship.
When you identify the right time, say with enthusiasm and conviction that you know this program. Let him know that to be a member is free and ask him to evaluate it because you want to know his opinion. Then you do not need to say anything else because the system automatically tracks invitations and do the work for you.
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