Patience and Perseverance

Perseverance and patience are very important. If you want to generate big profits, you can do it, but you must fully understand the concept of this business opportunity. There are several factors that can affect the growth rate, as is for example: the time you devote to educating people about this program. The best duplication occurs when you educate your guests well and they in turn educate their guests well.
To give you an idea of ​​the results you can achieve if you focus on educating your guests, we present the following example:

Suppose that in your first week you invest 30 minutes a day (Monday to Sunday) to invite, register and educate, one person per day. At the end of the week you will have 7 new personal guests.
If you educated and guided all these people properly, then they will double your actions and we must understand that for the next week your organization can grow about 49 new people (7 people invite 7 people = 49). Now, your organization (adding your 7 original Personal Guests) has a total of 56 people.
Following this simple example, if you (and your new organization) makes a personal purchase of only 14 Cherry Points ($13.86), you may see the following results in earnings at just two weeks since your registration:
56 people in S1 (@.04) = $2.24
56 people in S2 (@.24) = $13.44
Total = $15.68 earnings in your first two weeks.
Let's see how we can improve our earnings: if you've properly educated your 7 Personal Guests and each one properly educate their own 7 Guests ( = 49 ), then we must understand that, in the third week these 49 people will invite each one 7 new Guests, making a total 343 new people in your organization. (343 + 56 is a total of 399 people)
399 people in S1 (@.04) = $15.96
399 people in S2 (@.24) = $95.76
Total = $111.72 earnings in your first three weeks. As you can see, these examples may be possible if each person in your organization use as an example a growth factor only of 1 person per day. Everything is patience and perseverance.
To complete the example with a fourth week suppose that 343 people have done the same, invite one person per day:
343 x 7 = 2,401... and... 2,401 + 399 = 2,800
2,800 people in S1 (@.04) = $112.00
2,800 people in S2 (@.24) = $672.00
Now let's review: This simple example shows how separating only 30 minutes a day in your first week and using the same time next week to educate your 7 Personal Guests to help them do the same, you could win $ 784.00 in your first month.
At the end of the month your organization has more than 2,000 people. It seems many people, but the truth is that only you know your 7 Personal Guests, ...and you bought just 14 Cherry Points ($13.86)
This is the power of duplication that can be achieved through this wonderful business system.
Just imagine now: What if, instead of 7 people a week, you register 10?
Week 1: 10 people
Week 2: 10 people x 10 = 100
Week 3: 10 people x 100 = 1,000
Week 4: 10 people x 1,000 = 10,000
In this example the potential for profit = $3,110.80 in your first month, only by enrolling 10 Personal Guests and help them do the same ... and buying only 14 Cherry Points.
But, what if instead of achieving those results in 4 weeks ... we take four months ...or four years? Do not forget that time is going to pass anyway.
It is for this reason that we recommend to all people who want to build a good business through this system to qualify as soon as possible by buying their 14 Cherry Points. Remember that your Personal Guests always going to do what they see you do, not what you tell them to do. You are a model to follow, at all times they are watching you.
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