Business Ideas

1. Each time you download an mp3, you have the option to share the demo with a link that includes your referral. Each time someone downloads it, that person becomes part of your organization S3.

2. Social Networks and the Internet are full of Independent Artists who want to promote and sell their music. Write all them. Tell them you know a store where they can sell their music and joining is free. Ask for their email address and register them using our system of invitations. These artists will become Your Guests.

3. If you do not have any contact email, here are a few good tips:
Tip 1: Through the Internet there are many pages, including opinion forums and blogs, where you find the email addresses of the people who are developing a topic of discussion.
Tip 2: Through the Internet there are multiple pages, including Guestbooks, where you find the email addresses of the people who are leaving their messages of support, opinions or criticism.
Tip 3: Always ask for a business card to the people you have around. Most of the time these have written an email address.
Tip 4: When you read fashion magazines, entertainment magazines, business magazines or newspapers, you will find many e-mail addresses of publishers, advertisers, people who leave comments, and so on.
Tip 5: Always keep your eyes open. Each time you leave your house you may see many email addresses written on banners, advertisings, on stickers attached to light poles, in single brochures and so on.
PLEASE NOTE: Remember that we have Anti-Spam Rules. If you want to invite someone you do not know, please, you must first create a personal relationship. Then you let him know you'll be sent an invitation to know our program. Protect your membership.
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