Avoid Temptation

When you're inviting someone to know our system, avoid the temptation to tell everything. Do not try to convince him. People convince themselves. If people ask for more information just tell them that is a program that you like so much and you feel confident that they will like also. Then again you invite them to see the information.
If they request more information, the following words can be used: "you do not have to sell anything, you do not need an inventory, you do not have to try to convince anyone, and it is completely free to join".
As mentioned earlier, when you invite your friends, you better go one by one. Enroll many people at once is not always better. When you keep direct and individual communication (through giving track from person to person) you can know who have seen the information and who not. After an invitation, the next 24 hours are the most important. You must ensure that everyone has understood the program. You must be available to answer every question. Each person who understands well the program will going to stay for ever.
Review our Anti-Spam Rules. Our system could detect or receive complaints from people who identify your invitations as spam. Protect your membership.
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